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CTCA Day 1 —— It’s been a looong day for the three of us and now we’re able to wind down. We set out this morning and I was only able to drive 1 1/2 hours before my mom took over, mainly due to me getting a bit dizzy during a pit stop. 



We actually made it into Tulsa around 2:45p. As soon as we got to the Center we checked in with Guest Services and the atmosphere was more related to that of a hotel rather than a medical facility! The valet helped us get our luggage out of the truck, and then the concierge Stacy came over, and took us around for a little tour. We then grabbed our luggage, and she took us up to our room. 


Being here, I can almost forget what this is all about. They’ve welcomed me, introducing us to different personnel, informing us of the various activities they put on for the patients and just made us feel comfortable. I’ve been experiencing pain but try not to focus on it, or whats going on inside my body. Pain meds have dwindled to a meager supply but I pray for a restfull sleep. At the Guest Services desk I receIved a black patient binder, which had a great deal of stuff, and also contained tomorrow’s itinerary. 


The day begins at 7:15am with meeting my Nurse Navigator and Intake Physician and ends at 2:30pm. After that we’re free until Monday! It’s been a good day, thank God, and I might actually fall asleep and sleep soundly…

ImageBe Blessedly


Getting Through The “bad”

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Beautiful Days…

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Beautiful Days...